Geeking Out: Heroes

Heroes!I am obsessed with super heroes and super hero culture, and all things super. You will grow to learn this. Today I managed to find some time to watch the second half of Heroes Season Four. My, my, my… I really do love this show. Be forewarned if you have not seen the episodes.. I’m going to talk about them.

SPOILER ALERT!! (After the Jump..)

Look at Claire Bennet. I’m sure you’ve done that plenty, I know I have. This season we got the treat of her toying with the idea of lesbianism. I thought this was a great addition, and not merely for fapping purposes. Heroes is supposed to show what it would be like if real people were super heroes. Well guess what.. real people question their sexuality. BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE! Did Heroes jump the shark? Maybe. Did Heroes jump the shark a long time ago…? Most likely, but I for one.. do not care!

So Claire and the gang had to defeat a carny. Totally believable villain. Carnies are seen as inherently evil by a large portion of society, so of course Samuel was believable. Mix this with the fact that he can move the Earth, and is more powerful when near others with powers.. and we have a classic villain scenario. But I gotta ask what the fuck is going on with a couple things.

First of all.. Why are we calling these people “specials” now? Clever insert for the impending rip off of the Marvel Civil War storyline that will be next season? Probably. “Others” was taken by V (totally bad ass show, btw), and apparently they needed a label because flying around and healing exploded limbs is just not enough. Speaking of healing.. that scene where Samuel sandstorms the shit out of Sylar was badass. Very haggard looking Sylar..

Second. No one dies on this show and its starting to bother me. Hiro, although a favorite of mine.. should surely be dead as a fucking doornail. They kept his ass alive for basically no reason. That old lady did look a lot like Charlie, but is that any reason to keep him around? Sure he teleported the carny’s to safety, but there were like 25 people there with unexplained powers. They could have done it.

It has just occurred to me that Nathan Petrelli died this season. Fair enough, but I barely count that because even up to the last episode Sylar was having flashbacks of Nathan’s memories.

Third. Very simple. Matt Parkman. Lose the squinty-eye bull shit. It makes me want to slap the ever living shit out of you.

Fourth. Let’s get inventive with the plot on this show people. Your writers are great on a week to week dialog basis, but these stories are absolute shit. We all love it when an evil mastermind has all his cohorts turn against him, but we’ve also seen it a thousand times. We could see it from a mile away for Christ’s sake. Now the new season is likely to rip off Marvel Civil War. Because that’s what we need. I have harbored hopes of that saga becoming a film. However unlikely that may be, I do not want to see Peter Petrelli as Cap and Sylar as Iron Man.  Look at NBC’s official Heroes page if you don’t believe. The link is up top. This is where we are headed and it’s going to be a shit show. A shit show that I am going to watch on a weekly basis.


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