Geeking Out: Acopolyptic Views of the Record Business are NOT the Entire Picture

this is going to be really quick. thats the intention, but i could go on and on. but i’m gonna keep it informal. like a deal point memo, i reserve the right to expand this entry upon either parties request.

holy jesus christ almighty. can we please stop with the wah wah wah record sales are down, the world is ending bullshit?! record sales are not the music industry. the music industry is doing decent enough, the record business is utterly fucked. and its not because no one buys records anymore.

its because those in charge have their heads so far up their own asses, refusing to alter a business plan, take a step back, and examine their wrongdoings. no one is buying records because you’re fucking up, music industry. it’s your fault. all of it.

you have devalued music, refused to adopt new technology, and stifled creativity in the process. majors view music as an communicable piece of a giant puzzle. this is why 360 deals are so prevalent. its because the majors have adopted the notion that no one is willing to pay for music. they were wrong, and are wrong. now the majors take a piece of all income from their artists, further perpetuating the notion that the music is not the main draw here.

how about we get creative? pre-sales, contests, giveaways, fan interaction. fans want to feel apart of something, not like they are cattle being lead to slaughter while purchasing an $18 cd.

these articles compare record sales from 2000 to now. 2000 there was no iTunes, no iPods. i had an mp3 player that held 20 songs. TWENTY FUCKING SONGS. your comparison is stupid, and does not account to developing technology. and because of this, you are a dolt.

in summation. lets stop complaining about how terrible the music industry is doing, and lets get off our asses and fix it. or shut up, cuz ya makin’ yahself look dumb to people who actually know what the fuck is going on.

ps- i.. am not going to re-read this post. reactionary? yes. will i expand if need be? yes. will i retract and restate my actual intentions if they are garbled? yes.



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2 responses to “Geeking Out: Acopolyptic Views of the Record Business are NOT the Entire Picture

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