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Today We Learn About: The Asian Long-Horned Beetle

The Asian Long-Horned Beetle is an insect that, as the name suggests, is native to parts of Asia. In recent years, this beetle has grown to be a nuisance to many trees in the United States as there are no adequate predators to diminish the beetle population, and many food sources to allow the beetle to thrive. The beetle has infested trees in Brooklyn and Amityville, New York, Worcester, MA and in Chicago, Illinois. The beetle favors trees such Maples, Horse chestnuts, Poplars, Willows, Elms, Mulberries and Black Locusts1. Asian Long-Horned Beetles have a very unique look, which has earned them the name “Starry Sky Beetle” in their native China. This named is earned by the dark color of their wing coverings, which are speckled with white dots. Continue reading

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