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Today We Learn About: Saltwater v. Freshwater Drowning

Most people are familiar with the term drowning. It has become known as suffocation and death caused by the filling of the lungs with water or other fluid.  But the type of fluid a person drowns in has a significant impact on the effects and processes that take place in the body.  For example, freshwater and saltwater drowning bring about differing processes within the body even though the end result is death. Continue reading



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Today We Learn About: Pier Paolo Pasolini’s “Salò”

“Torture should never be conceived simply as an arbitrary game of cruelty.”

–        Nicolau Eimeric

On September 11th, 2001, people across the globe watched as the Twin Towers fell. News reporters zoomed in on couples jumping while holding hands until they collided with the ground. For days every channel, children’s cartoon networks included, aired repeated footage of death and despair as millions watched. Pier Paolo Pasolini’s film Salò, on the other hand, has been banned at some point in time in multiple countries and not a single actor or actress is actually hurt in the making of the film. Perhaps people are upset by the ways in which Salò portrays the bare truth of what modern society does more and more every day while watching the news and the plethora of crimes shows available to choose from. Violence is a part of everyday life at this point, and higher levels of violence such as torture and execution are privileges that only those in positions of political power have the right to practice. This leads, however, to the issue of considering torturing one’s “enemy” as a right. Salò aims to portray the violence of political dominance without the distraction of “context” validating the destructive decisions of politicians. Continue reading

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