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Today We Learn About: Life & Debt!

Life & Debt is a feature length documentary directed and produced by Stephanie Black. Released in 2001, the documentary brings together citizens of Jamaica, employees of the International Monetary Fund, and various other authorities to discuss and spotlight the plight of the Jamaican government and people that has been caused by globalization and modernization. The general principles at play here are that the International Monetary Fund, along with the World Bank essentially hold nations back from their true potential under a disguise of trying to assist the nation to become a player in world trade. In reality, these institutions are putting at risk nations into a dependent economic state using questionable tactics with questionable motivations. The point of view that the film takes is that Jamaica has been victimized to an almost irreversibly dependent and economically unsound state. The blame is placed on the contracts that the Jamaican government has signed with the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, as well as the tactics used by these institutions to secure these contracts. Continue reading


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