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Geeking Out: Madden 2009

So I got a sweet PSP off ebay with 10 games, 4 movies, and a travel case, all for $110.00. In case you didn’t know that’s an amazingly good deal and one of the main reasons that I enjoy ebay to the extent that I do. Realistically, I’d buy food off there if I could. It’s the thrill of the hunt and the thrill of outgunning some n00b with Doritos covered hands. Suck it, Ralphie.

I got this PSP, and I decided I’d start with one of the sports games. Why? Because they are easy to play, take a small time commitment, and they are fun. This is the recipe for all things bad ass, in my opinion. If any one thing has all three of these ingredients, I’m there. Two is acceptable (See: Avatar).

Franchise mode, for the win. Did the fantasy draft, got some great players, went through training camp. Then came the preseason. Finally time for me to sow my royal oats. And sow I did…

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